We help businesses make strategic decisions related to corporate responsibility and sustainability. We believe that a practical, business-centric approach to is the only way to create long-term value for both business and society. That’s why we work with businesses to meet their specific needs—within their budgets.


We are on call for specific challenges—projects that need to get done or problems that must be resolved within a limited timeline and budget. Examples include responding to an investor inquiry, publishing a CSR report, or writing a company guideline.


We work in regions with a low supply of global affairs experts. Often, such experts are already employed full time, leaving few people available to consult. We search high and low for these people, vet them, and place them in service for companies seeking their expertise.

Benefits & Differentiators


Too often, corporate responsibility programs are driven by external agendas, don’t create value, and end up getting cut. What a waste! We start by looking at your business needs and objectives to ensure a solid foundation for long term CR performance.

Practical Approach

We understand that you can’t take your corporate responsibility performance from zero to 60 in a single year. Ironically, being practical and taking baby steps makes our approach more sustainable over time.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Opportunity

Many companies face non-technical risks that may not be properly managed. Proactively managing these risks can maximize opportunities your competitors haven’t thought of yet.

Quality Staffing

Fill a skills gap with a vetted contractor—only for the time you need. Great for maternity/paternity leave staffing.

Global Expertise

We don’t use the term “global” casually. We are multilingual, multicultural experts in global affairs fields, including economic development, public policy, security, geopolitics, and conflict management.

Platinum Professionalism

When you hire an Associate, set your expectations high. Professionalism is one of our core values and we hold ourselves to strict professional standards.



Understand where your company’s gaps, risks, and opportunities lie with regard to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Strategy Development

Create a corporate responsibility strategy that is fit-for-purpose, appropriately sized, and aligns with your business needs and objectives.


From curriculum development to teaching, we empower people with the knowledge and tools to help them think globally and strategically.

Policies and Guidelines

We design fit-for-purpose policies and guidelines to help your organization work smarter.

Buzz Word Translation

Sustainability. Corporate Responsibility. Shared Value. Just buzz words? We help you understand which terms make sense for your business and how to use them in your communications.

Non-Profits and Foundations

We work with non-profit organizations interested in optimizing their models and strategies for social impact, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Report Management

We can support or manage the whole process of producing a corporate responsibility or sustainability report, saving significant employee time.

Investor Inquiries

Do you keep receiving letters and questionnaires from “socially responsible” investors? We help you make sense of these, and decide whether and how to respond.

Speaking Engagements

GAA consultants periodically speak on international affairs topics in the Houston area. We are passionate about education, and speak about global affairs careers at area schools pro bono.



Our Experts are vetted global affairs specialists available for work in the Houston area. Core areas of global affairs expertise:

  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Policy Development
  • Corporate Responsibility Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Conflict Management and Strategy
  • Strategic Communications
  • International Development
  • Human Rights
  • International Trade
  • Geopolitics
  • Security
  • Public Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Governance
  • Development
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Natural Resource Governance
  • Immigration Law & Policy
  • Refugee Law & Policy
  • Public Policy
  • Creating Shared Value
  • Latin America
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Social Psychology
  • Health Environment Safety (HES)
Kaitlyn Allen
Kaitlyn Allen
MA Conflict Resolution/Government, Georgetown University
Ivonne Cruz
Ivonne Cruz
Environmental Sustainability Expert
PhD, Sustainability, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Amanda Hsieh
Amanda Hsieh
Supply Chain Sustainability Expert
Retail, HSE, and Sustainability Audit Experience
Martine Caillaud
Martine Caillaud
JD, Boston College Law School. BS International Relations & Spanish, Georgetown University.

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